Ticket Resale Policy: Can FIFA World Cup tickets be resold? [Explained]

Can FIFA World Cup tickets be resold – Millions of people have applied for FIFA World Cup tickets and millions of people are expected to enter Qatar during the world cup. When millions of people get tickets, there is a small percentage of fans who would not be able to make it due to some issues. For them, the question is what to do with the bought tickets? Well, in this article, we will share all the information about Ticket Resale policy.

Hello, my name is Laura Hayden and for you I have studied in detail about the ticket resale. Today I will guide and solve all your queries regarding the Ticket resale issues.

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Can FIFA World Cup Tickets Be Resold?

So the most common question is each ticket holder’s mind – Can I resell the FIFA World Cup 2022 ticket? Yes, the FIFA World Cup can be sold if you are not attending. But it comes with some terms and conditions. Read the complete article ticket along with FIFA resale policy in detail before giving up the ticket. 

Ticket Resale Policy - Can FIFA World Cup tickets be resold
Ticket Resale Policy – Can FIFA World Cup tickets be resold

Where Can I Sell a FIFA World Cup Ticket?

According to FIFA official website, the FIFA world cup ticket can be sold on their FIFA Resale Platform. The ticket process is under process and the FIFA resale platform along with the policy will be made available by FIFA in upcoming days. The policy will be discussed in detail once released here on this page. 

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Can I use a third party website/auction or transfer my ticket?

No. Using a third party website or auction platform for reselling your FIFA World Cup ticket is not allowed. Conducting giveaways on social media platforms is also prohibited strictly. The ticket can also not be used for any advertising, promotion, sweepstakes, contests, incentive programmes or be included in any hospitality, flight packages or any commercial purposes. 

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Can I transfer, assign my ticket to a friend or guest?

Yes, you can transfer or assign your ticket to a friend or guest for free of charge or for an amount not greater than the ticket face value. If the guest is unable to attend the match, the guest is not allowed to transfer the ticket. The guest needs to return the ticket to you if unable to attend. 

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