FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule UK (BBC & ITV Coverage)

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule UK – The FIFA World Cup is approaching and football fans all over the world are gearing up. For the first time, the FIFA World Cup will be hosted by the Middle East. Since the temperatures in Qatar reach over 100°F, the tournament was shifted from summers to winters in November-December. The temperatures during this period are good enough for all teams to put on a great performance. 

With just a few days to go for the kick-off, the people in the United Kingdom are confused about where to watch FIFA World Cup 2022. BBC and ITV are the official broadcasters in the United Kingdom. But both channels will not stream all matches live. Instead, they have a deal and have split the games between two channels. 

This is not the first time this is happening. BBC and ITV have worked out a deal where both channels broadcast the major tournaments. The upcoming FIFA World Cup matches will be streamed live in the United Kingdom either on BBC or ITV.

If you are looking for the FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule UK, then in this article, we are sharing all you need.

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule UK
FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule UK

How are England and Wales matches divided between BBC and ITV?

BBC and ITV are major broadcasters in the United Kingdom. Wales and England are two teams that are part of the United Kingdom and have qualified for the world cup. 

Since Wales has qualified for the World Cup, the team has been placed in Group B along with England, Iran and the United States. So we are guaranteed England vs Wales for this year’s world cup. So who will broadcast England and Wales matches? How are the matches divided between BBC and ITV? Let’s find out. 

England’s first match against Iran will be shown live by BBC while ITV will cover Wales vs the USA. The second-round matches will be reversed and BBC will telecast Wales vs Iran while ITV will stream England vs USMNT. The blockbuster match that every UK resident is waiting for – England vs Wales will be streamed live on BBC.  

FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule UK (BBC & ITV Coverage)

Date Fixture Time (GMT) Broadcaster
November 21 Senegal vs. the Netherlands 10 a.m. ITV
November 21 England vs. Iran 1 p.m. BBC
November 21 Qatar vs. Ecuador 4 p.m. BBC
November 21 USA vs. Wales 7 p.m. ITV
November 22 Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia 10 a.m. ITV
November 22 Denmark vs. Tunisia 1 p.m. ITV
November 22 Mexico vs. Poland 4 p.m. BBC
November 22 France vs. Australia 7 p.m. BBC
November 23 Morocco vs. Croatia 10 a.m. ITV
November 23 Germany vs. Japan 1 p.m. ITV
November 23 Spain vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand 4 p.m. ITV
November 23 Belgium vs. Canada 7 p.m. BBC
November 24 Switzerland vs. Cameroon 10 a.m. ITV
November 24 Uruguay vs. South Korea 1 p.m. BBC
November 24 Portugal vs. Ghana 4 p.m. ITV
November 24 Brazil vs. Serbia 7 p.m. BBC
November 25 Wales vs. Iran 10 a.m. BBC
November 25 Qatar vs. Senegal 1 p.m. BBC
November 25 Netherlands vs. Ecuador 4 p.m. ITV
November 25 England vs. USA 7 p.m. ITV
November 26 Tunisia vs. Australia 10 a.m. BBC
November 26 Poland vs. Saudi Arabia 1 p.m. ITV
November 26 France vs. Denmark 4 p.m. ITV
November 26 Argentina vs. Mexico 7 p.m. ITV
November 27 Japan vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand 10 a.m. ITV
November 27 Belgium vs. Morocco 1 p.m. BBC
November 27 Croatia vs. Canada 4 p.m. BBC
November 27 Spain vs. Germany 7 p.m. BBC
November 28 Cameroon vs. Serbia 10 a.m. ITV
November 28 South Korea vs. Ghana 1 p.m. BBC
November 28 Brazil vs. Switzerland 4 p.m. ITV
November 28 Portugal vs. Uruguay 7 p.m. ITV
November 29 Ecuador vs. Senegal 3 p.m. ITV
November 29 Netherlands vs. Qatar 3 p.m. ITV
November 29 Iran vs. USA 7 p.m. BBC
November 29 Wales vs. England 7 p.m. BBC
November 30 Tunisia vs. France 3 p.m. BBC
November 30 Australia vs. Denmark 3 p.m. BBC
November 30 Poland vs. Argentina 7 p.m. BBC
November 30 Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico 7 p.m. BBC
December 1 Canada vs. Morocco 4 p.m. BBC
December 1 Croatia vs. Belgium 4 p.m. BBC
December 1 Japan vs. Spain 7 p.m. ITV
December 1 Costa Rica/New Zealand vs. Germany 7 p.m. ITV
December 2 Ghana vs. Uruguay 4 p.m. BBC
December 2 South Korea vs. Portugal 4 p.m. BBC
December 2 Serbia vs. Switzerland 7 p.m. ITV
December 2 Cameroon vs. Brazil 7 p.m. ITV

What is the BBC and ITV plan for Round of 16, Quarter Finals, and Semi-Finals?

The game sharing will continue even after the group stages. The schedule is not yet finalized. But ITV will have the first pick for Round of 16 and Quarter Finals. While BBC will get to choose the semi-finals match first.

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