FIFA World Cup Final vs Super Bowl: Which is Bigger?

FIFA World Cup final vs Super Bowl – The FIFA World Cup 2022 kicks off in Qatar on 21st November. So since the craze of the FIFA World Cup is on another level let’s see the questions which arise in many fans’ minds.

One of the most asked questions among the fans – FIFA World Cup Final vs Super Bowl which is bigger? Well, why are these two events compared? The Super Bowl and World Cup Final are two big matches. The world waits for these two matches. So we compare these two matches to know which event is bigger than the other. We will find out answers to many questions in this blog. 

FIFA World Cup final vs Super Bowl
FIFA World Cup final vs Super Bowl

FIFA World Cup Final vs Super Bowl Overview

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting match in America which is played on the first Sunday of February every year. Whereas the FIFA World Cup Final is played once every four years. Super Bowl is a match where the NFL winner faces the AFL winner to carve their name on the Super Bowl winner list. Whereas the FIFA World Cup final takes place between two nations who overcome the other 30 countries. 

Super Bowl maintains its top position in American TV ratings. But when compared to the FIFA World Cup final, the Super Bowl is way behind. Let’s check out the actual number game. 


When comparing the viewership, both the events have a hefty viewership. It is seen that the Super Bowl maintains a viewership of over 100 million every year. The FIFA World Cup is seen by over 500 million fans. FIFA World Cup has a global presence and gets viewership from all over the world. While the Super Bowl lacks international viewership. Only 20-25% of viewership is from outside the United States. 

Check the comparison done in the World Cup year. The table will give a rough estimate of how the FIFA World Cup leads the Super Bowl in viewership. 

Year FIFA World Cup Super Bowl
2010 619.7m 106m
2014 695m 112m
2018 516.6m 103m
2022 112m

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We saw the tv rating number game. But how does it convert into revenue for the NFL and FIFA? The NFL has more matches spread across a four to five months schedule. Whereas, FIFA has 64 games played in a span of one month. 

Year FIFA World Cup Total Revenue NFL Season Total Revenue
2010 $3.64B (57m per game) $8.35B (31.3m per game)
2014 $4.83B (75.5m per game) $11.09B (41.5m per game)
2018 $5.4B (84.4m per game) $14B (52.4m per game)

Looking at the table above, the revenue of the NFL is more than the FIFA World Cup. But if we compare the average revenue per match, FIFA again leads the NFL. But without any doubt, American football collects more money than FIFA World Cup in total.


The numbers are up but the question still remains unsolved. Why? Coming to viewership numbers, Super Bowl is America’s targeted event while the FIFA World Cup aims at a global presence. So FIFA leading in Tv rating numbers is not surprising. Whereas revenue generated from both events is very high but comparison again makes no sense. The NFL is played for 4-5 months with more matches than the FIFA World Cup. While FIFA has only 64 matches in one month. 

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