Football Players with Most Hat-tricks in World Cup (1930-2018)

Football Players with Most Hat-tricks in World Cup – Scoring a goal at the world cup is every footballer’s dream. But how about a hat trick? Well, there are many players who have achieved this feat. Scoring a hat trick means you literally put your team in a winning position. So how many and who have scored hat tricks at the FIFA World Cup?

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Football Players with Most Hat-tricks in World Cup (1930-2018)

There are a total 52 hat tricks scored in the 21 editions of FIFA World Cup. Barring the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, the tournament has witnessed at least one hat trick in every edition. There are a total of 48 players who have scored a hat-trick in the FIFA World Cup.

Four players have scored two hat tricks which holds the record for most hat tricks at FIFA World Cup. These four players are:

  • Sandor Kocsis – Hungary
  • Just Fontaine – France
  • Gerd Muller – Germany
  • Gabriel Batistuta – Argentina
Football Players with Most Hat-tricks in World Cup
Football Players with Most Hat-tricks in World Cup

Sandor Kocsis

In the 1954 world cup which was hosted in Switzerland, Sandor Kocsis of Hungary became the first player to register two hat tricks in the world cup. Kocsis scored his first hat trick against South Korea on 17 June 1954. In the next match against West Germany, Kocsis scored four goals to claim his second hat trick.

Just Fontaine

Just Fontaine was a French striker who recorded two hat tricks in 1958 FIFA World Cup held in Sweden. Fontaine scored first hat trick on 8th June against Paraguay. Later, France met Germany for 3rd place in the 1958 world cup. Fontaine scored four goals to register his second hat-trick of the world cup.

Gerd Muller

After Germany being on the receiving side of a hat trick, Gerd Muller became German first player to score a hat trick. On 7th June 1970, Gerd Muller scored 3 goals against Bulgaria. Three days later on 10th June 1970, Muller scored another 3 goals against Peru. Both hat tricks were scored in group stage matches.

Gabriel Batistuta  

Out of four players who have scored a hat trick twice, Gabriel Batistuta is the only player who has managed to score a hat trick in two different editions of the world cup. On 21st June 1994, Argentina striker scored first hat trick against Greece in the 1994 FIFA World Cup. Batistuta‘s second hat trick came against Jamaica in the next world cup edition held in France.

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