How to Apply for Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets?

With just nine months to go, FIFA has launched their tickets platform for all the fans who wish to attend the matches live in a stadium in Qatar. 

The fans who wish to attend the match, need to apply for the FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets. If the demand for the tickets is higher than the number of available tickets, then the ticket holders will be picked via a random selection draw. 

FIFA released the tickets and in their official statement, they said, “The first ticket sales of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 start with a random selection draw sales period on 19 January 2022 at 11H CET / 13H Doha time. (1000 GMT)”

The ticket bookings will be open from January to April in two different phases. All the fans who will be applying for the FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets must be fully vaccinated and must have a valid vaccination document. 

Things You Need to Know while applying for FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket

There are a few things you need to know before you apply for the FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets. 

  • Successfully completing of ticket application does not guarantee you the FIFA WC 2022 ticket. If the demand is higher than the inventory tickets, then tickets will be allotted via a random selection draw process. 
  • Each successful ticket applicant, partially successful ticket applicant, or unsuccessful ticket applicant will be notified via email. The successful or partial successful ticket applicant will be notified of the further process. All the successful/partial successful ticket holders need to complete the payment process before the deadline.
  • Visa is the preferred payment solution for the FIFA World Cup 2022. 
  • A ticket applicant can apply for a maximum of 6 tickets per match and a maximum of 60 tickets across the entire tournament. 
  • One can easily cancel or amend the ticket application before 28th April 2022. 
FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets
FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets

How to Apply For Tickets For FIFA World Cup 2022?

Check the following process and apply for the FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets. The ticket process will conclude on 28th April 2022.

  • Apply for the tickets here.
  • Read all the information available on the page.
  • After understanding all the information, click on login/create your ticketing account.
  • Get registered first. Enter all the details which include Email, password, first name and last name.
  • Select your country.
  • Click Next and read all the further instructions.
  • Select the Ticket category you wish to apply for. The tickets will be available in four categories: Category 1, Category 2, Category 3. Category 4 tickets will be available to only Qatari residents. (Read more about FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket Categories)
  • Click Proceed and complete all processes. You will be notified once the process is completed successfully.

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