Is Ronaldo Playing FIFA World Cup 2022?

Is Ronaldo Playing FIFA World Cup 2022 – The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. No doubt the event has its own prestigious value. But there are few players who add more value to the tournament. These are players who have been in the football world and ruled for the past decade. 

So whenever there is a big tournament, there are many fans who start looking if their favourite player is participating in the tournament or not. 

Ronaldo is one of the greatest if not the greatest footballer the world has witnessed. There are millions of Ronaldo fans across the world. Most of them are confused and are looking for – Is Ronaldo Playing FIFA World Cup 2022.

Is Ronaldo Playing FIFA World Cup 2022
Is Ronaldo Playing FIFA World Cup 2022

Is Ronaldo Playing FIFA World Cup 2022?

Yes, Ronaldo is playing at Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. Portugal have made it through a tough road of qualifiers and is one of the 32 teams and one of the main contenders to win the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

The 37 year old Cristiano Ronaldo captains Portugal at international football. This legend has managed to take Portugal to newer highs. With 2016 Euro heroics, CR7 aims to get the most prestigious trophy in the world. 

With Ronaldo’s world class skills and leadership, Portugal have qualified for the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. This will be Ronaldo’s 5th World Cup appearance. 

Is 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup Ronaldo’s Last Chance?

Recently, during the press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo discussed his future. When asked about 2022 world cup being the last one, CR7 replied,

A lot of people ask this question. I’m the one who will decide my future. If I feel like playing more, I play and if I don’t feel like playing, I don’t play.

But Statistically, this is said to be Ronaldo’s final world cup appearance. Currently 37, it seems highly unlikely that Ronaldo will continue with Portugal at 41. Four years span is huge in a sports person’s career. So it is highly unlikely we will see Ronaldo in Portugal’s jersey at world cup 2026. 

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