Only Ticket Holders to be granted entry into Qatar during FIFA World Cup 2022

Planning to visit Qatar in November or December? Do you have FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets? No? Then think again before planning the vacation further. The new rules have been announced and according to them, no visitor will be allowed to enter Qatar during the FIFA World Cup without a ticket. The news was officially announced on Wednesday by officials. 

If you are one who has been lucky enough to get the FIFA ticket, then you will be issued with an official FIFA ID and a Hayya Card. The FIFA ID and Hayya card will help the ticket holder to get a visa which will grant you the permission to enter Qatar and stadiums. The cardholder will also get free access to public transport on the match days. 

FIFA World Cup 2022
FIFA World Cup 2022

The decision was officially made public by Qatar Tourism COO Berthold Trenkel. While speaking to The Sun, he said, A decision has been taken that only fans with match tickets will be allowed visas. They will need official fan IDs to get into Qatar and those who do not have them will not be allowed to travel.

Can I Apply for Qatar FIFA WC Ticket Today? (Yes, before 28th April 2022)

If you are one of the people who have not applied for FIFA World Cup tickets, then don’t be sad. Here is your last chance to get to Qatar and enjoy FIFA matches live from the stadium. The second random selection draw has been opened by FIFA and will run until 28th April 2022. Tickets will be allotted randomly so it makes no difference if you applied early or later. Go – apply and try your luck. If lucky, do enjoy and make your days memorable. 

As the day goes by, we are inching closer to the FIFA World Cup 2022 which takes place in Qatar on 21st November 2022. Qatar will be the first Asian country to host the tournament without being a part of the FIFA World Cup in the past. 

The World Cup draws have been confirmed and the match schedules have been released officially.

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